The EASTER Foundation

"As a family, we are committed to improving the health of the planet, upon which all living things depend, through the support of organizations promoting the Environment, the Arts, Sustainability, Technology, Education, and Rights."

The Easter Foundation was created in the spring of 2006 by Fred and Anne Osborn of Garrison NY, with proceeds from the purchase by Colgate Palmolive of Tom's of Maine, a natural health care products company in Kennebunk Maine in which the Osborns had invested in the 1970s.
Fred is the retired Director of Philanthropic Services at the Episcopal Church Foundation in New York City. Anne is a Consulting Forester, a landscape artist, and a former Emergency Medical Technician. She served on the board of directors of Tom's of Maine for 20 years.
The name Easter Foundation was chosen by the middle generation of Osborns, Hank, Ellie and Graham. "Easter" was the name of the 44' Alden Sloop on which the family lived, and sailed to Europe and back in 1985.
The children decided to use the letters of the word EASTER to clarify the areas of focus for the foundation:
 E - EducationA - ArtsS - Sustainability
 T - TechnologyE - Environment R - Rights

There is no formal application form or deadlines, but organizations seeking funding should write the Easter Foundation c/o Fred Osborn III, P O Box 347, Garrison, NY 10524-0347, no telephone calls please. Please cover the following topics in brief:
 1. What's the problem?
 2. How does your organization address the problem?
 3. What funding do you seek for any specific program (describe the program)?
 4. How does your organization evaluate the success of its work?

Please accompany this letter with:
 the organization's latest Annual Report, including
  • mission statement, recent and planned activities
  • financial statements and budgets
  • list of board members, and the percentage of board members who give annual financial support
and a copy of the latest newsletter or donor communication.

Further information may be sought from organizations whose applications appear promising.
The maximum first-time grant to any new organization is $1,000.
The maximum grant to any one organization at any one time is $5,000.

The Board of the Foundation has determined that it will temporarily make grants only to organizations to which it has already given. Before making an elaborate proposal, please send a letter of inquiry as to whether your application might be considered. As market conditions improve, the Board hopes to lift this restriction.